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    7 Great quotes about libraries on photos of beautiful libraries

    With libraries around the world in danger of extinction, Flavorwire posted a series of great quotes about libraries from famous writers. I decided to pair them with some of the world’s most beautiful libraries. You’re welcome;

    1. Trinity College Library - University of Dublin
    2. University Club Library – New York City
    3. Admont Abbey Library – Austria
    4. Real Gabinete Português de Leitura – Rio de Janeiro
    5. Suzzalo Library at the University of Washington – Seattle
    6. Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
    7. Canadian Library of Parliament – Ottawa

    Support your local library, kids. Part two. See all 28 here.

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    Suranne Jones, Oona Chaplin and Hermione Norris star in brand new Original British Drama, #TheCrimsonField tonight at 9pm.

  4. Does she smile at you?

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    Castle Howard - a view into the gardens

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    Jenny Agutter

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  7. Mark & Amanda at the Anatomy of a Hit talk [x]

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    "What was the name of that girl we were keen on? Lived on St John Street. Wendy, was it?"
    “Susan. She preferred Susan.”

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    It’s like an infomercial

    It’s like an infomercial

    Do you ever feel like walking on a table but the surface is too smooth?


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    and then we all died.

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    "A Sticky Situation" (1960) by Carl Barks

    Daisy tells it like it is.

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    Mists of morning recede from the Eastern shore of Lake Geneva, unveiling the 13th century castle of Chillon in Switzerland

    National Geographic | July 1969

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    Cold Feet. Forever the land of gorgeous 1990s promo shots.

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    Red Ivan&Victoria bunny

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